Oppo F11 Pro Unveils Amazing FeaturesOppo F11 Pro Unveils Amazing Features

The Oppo F11 Pro appears to be one of the latest smartphones from Oppo. The company has released this handset as one of their summer series. However, many reviews have indicated that the price tag is rather steep – especially for a smartphone. However, the device has received high ratings from users who have used it.

The fact is that the F11 Pro really does look and feel much more expensive than the other variants. The internal specs can be lacking compared to the others, but that isn’t a major feature that has promoted the handset as a truly great performance beast. For those looking to save a few bucks, there are some cheap variants that have just the right specifications for the price. To make up for the lack of high spec versions, the company has also launched an ” unlocked” version of the Oppo F11 Pro which works on GSM carriers.

One of the best things about the Oppo F11 Pro is its pricing. It’s available for as low as $250 in some markets, despite having two variants with drastically different configurations. There’s the standard 2GB of RAM and the slightly beefier 3GB variant which comes with a quad-core processor and a few more gigabytes of storage space. The standard version also features a micro SD slot for additional memory expansion. There’s also a nice price drop of nearly forty percent from the original retail price of the oppo f11 pro

The main standout feature of the Oppo F11 Pro though is its camera setup. The manufacturer has equipped it with an extremely powerful rear camera and a single imaging sensor which takes great quality images. For those looking for an impressive offering in this department, the Oppo F11 Pro might not be worth considering as it lacks optical zoom. However, it does have a large single lens reflex lens, meaning that it’s possible to get great shots even if you’re unable to use fast shutter speeds. The front and rear cameras aren’t anything special and don’t really help the camera deliver excellent results.

An interesting attribute of the Oppo F11 Pro is that it supports two storage formats. You can opt to go with a microSD card (which is where you’ll find the majority of consumer interest in the product) or you can go with a larger, yet still compact SD card. In my experience, the Oppo F11 Pro performed well regardless of which format it was used in, but there are always exceptions. There are quite a few consumer reviews which state that the memory cards aren’t compatible with many smartphones. If you’re planning on purchasing one of these devices, I suggest sticking with the built in memory provided by the smartphone itself.

Another thing which separates this handset from some others is the in-built Fingerprint Sensor. A Fingerprint Sensor enables the Oppo F11 Pro to enable users to unlock their phones with fingerprints – a feature which has actually been enabled by manufacturers for quite some time now. This means that the sensor can be used on the front, back or both, making it perfect for people who don’t want to be interrupted when they’re using their devices. Unfortunately, the finger print sensor on this handset isn’t anywhere as accurate as it could be – as it relies on the users’ actual finger size. However, this shouldn’t deter anyone from taking advantage of this functionality and trying it out – after all, it’s a small price to pay for an incredible device.

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