How packaging plays an important role in business?How packaging plays an important role in business?

Product packaging plays a very necessary role in business to attract customers and provide them with what they want when their products arrive home. When we consider packaging, we usually tend to consider the function of the packaging to identify and attract the interest of the store. Although this is a key purpose of packaging, many different

Packaging was once thought of as only a necessity, a barrier to protect the goods within and carry it from point A to point B. Because there was no expectation from the customer, manufacturers didn’t pay much attention to branding. Consistency is crucial when it comes to packaging because it plays such a significant part in brand identification. This is especially true for businesses when the packaging stands out more than the product.

With the growing relevance of self-service marketing, packaging is playing an increasingly important role. In a normal supermarket, for example, a customer passes 600 products every minute, or one every tenth of a second. Thus, displays, shelf hangers, tear-off coupon blocks, various point-of-purchase gadgets, and, last but not least, good packaging are the only ways to persuade certain buyers to notice the product. Given the importance of the packaging, it’s hardly surprise that motivational research, color testing, psychological manipulation, and other related topics receive a lot of attention.

To figure out how the vast majority of customers will respond to a new package The marketer will first establish the principal function of the package in relation to the product based on the findings of this study, previous experience, and current and expected competition decisions. Should it contain qualities such as quality, safety, distinctiveness, affordability, ease of use, and visual beauty?

increase brand promotion opportunities:

product packaging plays a vital role in brand promotion. In the process of brand promotion, for example in custom candy packaging, packaging is a very important element, because for brand logos, packaging colors and other types of visual elements need to make the product different from commercial competitors. When a product shares shelf space with the same product, the importance of the brand and its packaging is even more important. Good product packaging will attract customers, and customers will choose it without looking at other available options for the same product.

Increase sales rate:

Functional packaging will also affect the possibility of customers repeat sales. Products with packaging that improves usability and product storage will prompt consumers to return to the store for another purchase. Improve product usability: Customers expect packaging to improve product usability. They need easy-to-use packaging. Customers always judge the packaging because this is the first thing they see after receiving the package. The packaging is easy to open and close after use. It is easier to assess openness when segmenting the judgment of the operator. The extended method of satisfaction provides a broader understanding of the impact of processing items on customer satisfaction.

Increases Physical safeguards:

The contents of the package may need to be protected against mechanical shock, vibration, electrostatic discharge, compression, temperature, and other factors

Delivery of information:

Packages and labels provide instructions on how to use, transfer, recycle, or dispose of the package or product. Governments need certain sorts of information for medicines, food, medical, and chemical items. Some labels and packaging are also used for tracking and tracing reasons.

Increase the Marketing:

Marketers can utilize the packaging and labelling to entice potential consumers to buy the goods. For decades, package graphic design and physical design have been essential and ever-changing phenomena. The surface of the packaging and (in many situations) the points of sale display are covered in marketing communications and graphic design.


Packages can have characteristics that make it easier to distribute, handle, stack, display, sell, open, re-close, use, dispense, reuse, recycle, and dispose of them.

Hurdle safety:

A barrier against oxygen, water vapor, dust, and other contaminants is frequently required. Permeation is an important consideration in design. To assist increase shelf life, some containers include desiccants or oxygen absorbents. In certain food containers, modified or regulated atmospheres are also maintained. A main function is to keep the contents clean, fresh, sanitary, and safe for the designated shelf life.

Increase Security:

 Packaging can help to reduce the security concerns associated with shipments. To discourage tampering, packages can be designed with increased tamper resistance and tamper-evident features to assist identify tampering. Packages can be designed to assist decrease the likelihood of parcel theft.

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