We invite all businesses and organisations that arrange experiences, activities and events to become Official Hosts of A Good Weekend. Restaurants, coffee shops and other experience-based suppliers are also invited to take part.

What is A Good Weekend?

A Good Weekend is an annual 4-day event when businesses and organisations specialising in activities, events and experiences can offer free or reduced priced activities or 'taster' sessions to attract new customers and re-engage lapsed customers. The emphasis is very much on 'consume less, enjoy more', A Good Weekend is about having a good time – trying new things, meeting new people, and enjoying a happier, healthier life as a result. It's a GOOD Black Friday – but with wellbeing, not 'more stuff' as the end goal.

A Good Weekend celebrates International Day of Happiness (20th March 2017) and supports the United Nations’ endeavours, through Global Goal 3, to achieve universal Good Health And Wellbeing.

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A Good Weekend

Great For Business

Unlike traditional sales and reductions, A Good Weekend presents a hugely positive opportunity, actively connects businesses with new people, and brings 'big event' marketing exposure to organisations of all sizes. Similar but non-competing businesses are invited to participate in an event that is inspiring, engaging and for the good of all. Consumers are invited to participate through national advertising and an exciting social media campaign that launches on 27th February.

A Good Weekend gives you an inspiring reason to engage with your customers and staff, and to hold a 1-4 day sale – while playing your part in supporting a most worthwhile global cause.

And…people choosing between two similar businesses will always choose the one that is involved in achieving some good!

Participate and benefit from

A national public relations / marketing campaign and national media partnership that increases awareness of your services and health and wellbeing issues.

From February 27th a toolkit of great campaign creative goes live for you to freely use through your website, social media and off-line outlets. We simply ask that you link to www.AGoodWeekend.org in your communications.

A listing on the central website www.AGoodWeekend.org

‘A Good Weekend’ will launch on Tuesday 28th February. This then provides for 3-4 weeks of high-level publicity.

All participants are also invited to take advantage of an offer from Trustpilot,  the sponsor, to use their premium pay-for platform for free to help collect reviews that build both your reputation and traffic.



Offers that work…

Most organisations are participating by either offering discount tickets for an event they are already holding or by creating a special introductory / sample event between Friday 17th – Monday 20th March 2017 and making it available free or at lower cost for attendees.

Lots of the activities and events being promoted will take place on this weekend but bookings can also be made for discounted experiences later in the year.

You may offer exclusive discounts at off-peak times within that if the offers are for immediate redemption. e.g. a cinema or theatre could offer 50% tickets on Monday, a coffee chain may offer 2 for 1 coffees on Friday afternoon.

  • An adventure, or cycling company is offering discounts on unsold places on upcoming summer trips.

  • A gym chain is offering a ‘bring your family free’ weekend with discounted summer membership offers.

  • Cycle and walking clubs are offering a ‘beginners’ Sunday.

  • Restaurants are offering 2-for-1 meals - on the Monday only.

  • Classes (mindfulness, night classes, workshops) are offering special ‘beginners welcome free’ sampler events as well as discounts on future bookings.

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A Good Weekend

Sign up today to secure your place. Your special offer (exclusive to A Good Weekend please) doesn’t need to be confirmed until any time up to 17th March.

Please join us in creating ‘A Good Weekend’ for everyone in the UK. Let's provide a fun and inspiring weekend for millions of people, whilst promoting the on-going opportunities they have to enjoy the activities you offer.

For all information regarding partnerships and participation contact:

Helen Kalli / 0044 7932 746 591